Crypto Mining · February 4, 2022

“Gateway Error 502″ Don’t you hate it when that happens!

Earlier today I made my weekly pilgrimage to BTC-E to feed the Whales. Having almost not survived my last encounter I was bound and determined to get me some whale blubber today! Overnight there was a good spike in price and I was able to exit out of my meager position and come to my second cup of coffee we were well into a downturn. Being an absolute novice at trading and trading the volatile crypto markets just are not a good combination, but I was about to make my move and hope for the best. Watching the charts on BitcoinWisdom I felt I had found a good entry point!

The good news is I sold at the top and ALMOST got back in at the very bottom.   What I had failed to notice was the charts had stopped and when I entered my order I received a screen stating “Gateway Error 502″.  WHAT! 

Gateway error 502 was a new one for me, but it didn’t take long to find out what the deal was through this cool little site called IsitDownRightNow.

Is a web site down due to a gateway error 502 message

According to this site, BTC-E has had some downtime over the last few days and I can only assume the Gateway Error 502 was the result of this. Of course, this would have to occur right when I had the Whale where I wanted him!  Ok, well so I thought. A quicker way, in this case, would have been to read the BTC-E Twitter feed where they do a very prompt job of updating site status, and in this case, tweeted they were under a DDoS attack.

Isitdownrightnow is a cool little site though that also provides a listing of other similar sites and their current operational status. Of course, you can enter and check any website and it will give you an indication of if everyone is experiencing the issue or if it may be just you. If just you, then to get started you should try:

1) refresh

2) Clear your cache and delete cookies

3) try another browser

4) reboot your computer, and then your network

If after this you are still receiving  Gateway error 502 the odds are that either your ISP is having an issue and or everyone is unable to get to the site, in which case you can contact your ISP to report the problem, or just take a break, odds are that the issue is being worked on and the site will be back up in short order.

Well, time to go mix it up with the Whales, maybe I will get the advantage this time!

Be Safe, find MoAr Blocks!