Crypto Economy · February 4, 2022

Bitcoin in online gambling – the future is now

Have you ever questioned yourself what the main reason behind cryptocurrency payments growing so popular in many areas and businesses might be?

Today, the electronic communication hive known as the Internet is in the process of being reconfigured, as it has been slowly becoming too obsolete to serve the needs of tomorrow. Say goodbye to the old centralized Internet you used to know before – the infrastructure of the new apps and tools will be built on the basis of the distributed model currently under development. On the Internet of tomorrow, there will be no place for material servers and data hubs. Instead, the users’ own machines will be used to store, transmit and receive the information, which will result in the much-increased data security, as no second or third party besides the users themselves will be able to access the credentials required to gain admission to the data. The absence of serves also means the physical impossibility of DDoS attacks that have become commonplace in the online gaming industry. By the way, it is exactly the source of the initial momentum of development Bitcoin has been given.

Apart from that, there are financial reasons for the cryptocurrency to start showing its real strength – people are getting increasingly dissatisfied with banks and other financial institutions taking them for a ride and mistreating them in almost every ‘legally’ possible manner, while bankers, moguls, and money bosses are living off the fat of the land. It’s hardly surprising then that users switch to payments in Bitcoin and other altcoins as the best possible alternative. After all, their opinions and technological innovations are the main deсisive factor for companies and other stakeholders to implement changes and in such manner advance the beginning of the new digital era. And if they choose to pay with Bitcoin, there is nothing for it but to make such payments possible. Of course, Bitcoin has its advantages and disadvantages, but Bitcoin is definitely taking its niche and getting more popular every day.

Still, what does an average Bitcoin user look like? What are they? The answer is really simple. Just as in the case with the innovative technologies previously introduced, the young generation is the main driving force behind BTC. It doesn’t take them very long to get accustomed to innovations and put them to proper use, just contrary to ‘oldsters’. Online shopping, online services, online games – the young were the first to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet in full measure. And yes, they’re maybe just taking the latest technologies for granted, and prejudices are probably among the things they care about the least, but that isn’t probably really important nowadays, is it?

Bitcoin was before everything else given to us as a tool to revolutionize and rationalize the payment industry, and online gambling has been the most relevant area to start with. Millions of customers are the targeted audience of the cryptocurrency, and there are millions more waiting for Bitcoin to become even more global and widespread – seemingly still unaware of it. All these people have access to the Worldwide Web, but for some reason, they cannot use ‘traditional’ financial solutions and payment methods. Logically, they are very likely to find Bitcoin meeting their requirements perfectly.

Now, world-renowned giants like Microsoft, Overstock, PayPal, Amazon, Virgin, and dozens of others also accept payments in Bitcoins, and there are hundreds of new ones to join them in the coming weeks, months, and years, but everyone should remember that Bitcoin casino websites were the first to adopt the cryptocurrency. Several years ago, BTC was by far the only opportunity for many of them to not just stay afloat, but also become strong enough to outperform the existing competitors. Perhaps, Bitcoin is an essential ingredient of the winning formula for other industries as well? Let us see how this wind blows.